Dear students and parents
It’s summertime when faces light up with a grin
As holidays are about to begin
It’s time for the children to play and enjoy
Free, unbound, high-spirited but safe at home.

Summer break is a vacation time students eagerly await for. So, now is the time to unlock the days creatively making the most while at home. So, adopt a herb, a house plant or a flower, bake a cake, sing-along, paint and draw and compose your own song or take up your hobby as the school announces the summer vacation.

To ensure that the children have a constructive holiday, some holidays’ homework & projects have been given which will keep the child active and observant. These projects can easily be done by the children and you could assist only where required. You can download the Holidays’ Homework from the school website for your convenience and in case of any clarification, you may contact the teacher concerned as it shall be a part of the internal assessment.
Stay safe, stay healthy!

Homework for Holidays (Session 2022-23)

Class - Pre-School (Download)

Class - Pre-Primary (Download)

Class - I (Download)

Class - II (Download)

Class - III (Download)

Class - IV (Download)

Class - V (Download)

Class - VI (Download)

Class - VII (Download)

Class - VIII (Download)

Class - IX (Download)

Class - X (Download)

Class - XI (Download)

Class - XII (Download)