Parental involvement is pivotal for the smooth functioning of an educational institution. Since , parents are the important stake holders in an organization , we seek their involvement in general meetings of the school and volunteering or serving in a committee. It is overwhelmingly vivid that our students do perform well when their parents play a positive role in their education.

Parental participation was sought regularly since the school believes that without the involvement of the stake holders no institution can improve. Achieving the sole motto MAMS has to its credit its PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION which is very active and takes interest in all steps taken by the school.
The school has always sought significant support from the parents as we involved parents through the active PTA body and even programmes were carried out to equip parents on how to nurture curiosity in their wards and also about how to cultivate discipline in them.

Workshop on Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current

Mr. Jha, father of Pragya Jha, who is a Senior Professor in Maharaja Agrasen Institute, Rohini took initiative for class XII. He delivered a Lecture on Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current to Class XII A & B on Dt.22-23 July 2014. He helped the students to understand the concept of Alternating current and helped them to relate this topic in daily life.

Orientation program for Parents

Reaffirming our commitment to the concept of providing quality education and to facilitate the exchange of ideas to enhance students' academic progress a special session of PTM was organized for class IV on October 4 and 7, 2014. Parents were provided with a review of academic progress, CCE examination pattern and encouraged to set a definite routine for study at home by the respective class teachers and subject teachers. Various useful guidelines and tips were also given to highlight the importance of monitoring the day to day activities of children like TV watching, language used by them, discipline and personal hygiene. It was an interactive session where parents too came up with valuable suggestions and queries. The event provided insights to parents and teachers both for working together as a team to nurture the treasure within each child.