Following measures implemented by the school should be strictly adhered to:-

  • Entry of students and parents is restricted after 8:30 am. Parents are requested to seek appointment for meeting the teachers.
  • Visiting hours to meet the In charge and teachers- 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (Wednesday),
  • 9:00 am- 10:00 am (Saturday).
  • Students to carry their aprons, napkins and table mats regularly.
  • Junk food is not allowed.
  • Students to wear proper school uniform with I-card. Parents must ensure proper length of school shorts/ tunics.
  • No toys, jewellery items, mobile phones or electronic gadgets to be carried to school.
  • Deposit an extra pair of clothes in a bag with the name slip of the child to the class teacher (if not submitted).
  • A leave note addressed to the class teacher should be sent if the child remains absent from the school and also fill page no. 45 of the school almanac.
  • A student rejoining after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease needs to submit a medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner certifying him/her fit to attend the school.
  • All the required material for the activities to be conducted in the class should be sent.
  • Prepare your child for the Intra class activity conducted every month.
  • Please see the school almanac daily.
  • Parents are requested to check their Educomp accounts regularly for worksheets and announcements.
  • Kindly download the uploaded worksheets on Educomp and send the completed worksheets to the class teacher by the first week of the next month.