As a step towards the “Swachh Vidyalaya, Swachh Bharat” national campaign initiated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi,Maharaja Agrasen Model School,C D Block, Pitampura,Delhi took the social service and human welfare responsibility of constructing the toilet blocks in Government Boys Senior Secondary School & Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya in JJ Colony, Wazirpur, Delhi to boost sanitation facilities. The toilet blocks were inaugurated by Madam Rashmi Gahlaut , the Deputy Director of Education, Zone-XI, Dist. North West B, Delhi on March 26, 2015. The event was graced by the benign presence of Sh. S.C.Mangla- the esteemed Manager of the School Management, and the Principal, Mrs. Pratibha Kohli. The inauguration witnessed the presence of the management members, teachers and students of Maharaja Agrasen Model School, Government Boys Senior Secondary School & Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya on this joyous occasion. The Chief Guest Madam Rashmi Gahlaut delivered a speech on this momentous occasion and appreciated the efforts of MAMS in supporting for a noble cause on the call by the Hon’ble Prime Minister. She in her address also made the audience take a pledge on keeping the school clean thereby carrying further the dream of the father of the nation who advocated the importance of cleanliness. The Principals, staff, students of GBSS School and SKV, JJ colony, Wazirpur were handed over the toilet blocks and the recipient school was enthused over it.
    The special day witnessed a cultural programme presented by the students of the host school. The venue was befittingly decorated with posters highlighting the importance of cleanliness. A speech was delivered by Sh. S.C. Mangla ji, Manager, Maharaja Agrasen Model School that professed on the need on the need of providing clean environment to the children. The speech by Principal, Pratibha Kohli also stressed on the social and noble endeavor ushered by the school and exhorted upon the need to maintain the hygienic conditions in the school that would surely ensure healthy environment for the students of the school.
    The effort on the part of MAMS was highly appreciated by Madam Rashmi Gahlaut , Deputy Director of Education . Mahatma Gandhi-our great Father of the Nation, wished to see a "Clean India" where people work hand in hand to make the country clean. To work seriously towards this vision of Gandhi ,Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi, launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan- on October 2, 2014 and initiated people from all walks of life to help in the successful implementation of this mission. He with his great vision has created a chain of people who are working together and inspiring others to clean their surroundings.


    The school has the safety and hygiene issues as the paramount issues of concern and ensures the same by conducting a list of activities like MOCK DRILL in all cases of uncalled calamities as earthquake and fire. Demonstrations are carried out by the specialists like Fireman where tips are given on how to mitigate disaster. Functioning of Fire brigade and Fire extinguisher was also shown to the students. Workshops and counseling sessions are also conducted to apprise Mamsians about various concerns. Thematic assemblies are conducted to keep everyone at MAMS aware. Circulars discerning various issues are also given on need basis .The school also has the infirmary to provide first aid to its students as well as staff members. The health check up is regularly done and assessment of the doctor is also given to the parents .Eye check up was also for the students of MAMS by the eminent team of doctors from AIIMS, Delhi. Various talk shows as well as interactive sessions are organized considering different requirements of the gender and the age.
    Mock Drill Session - Mock Drill sessions are arranged as per CBSE guidelines.
    The evacuation plan was made as well as displayed on all the floors of the school so to ensure and pace up the process of evacuating the school building to ensure safety of the students as well as the staff.
    The Mock Drill sessions are the regular features of the school and are carried out intermittently. Functioning of fire extinguishers was an informative step undertaken by the school which trained the students about how to use fire extinguishers.

  3. Traffic Rule Sessions - A Workshop was conducted by the Delhi Police-Traffic for the students of class VI on October 23, 2013. In the workshop students were informed about the various traffic rules to be followed when somebody is driving on the road. Also students were given safety tips for Pedestrians. The safety measures to be taken by the private van drivers while commuting between school and home are also discussed in this workshop. The workshop gave the message of keeping patience and moving safely on the road.

  4. Workshops On Safety & Hygiene
    • Dr.K.K.Aggarwal along with his team members of CPR-10 had organized a workshop on 10/4/13 wherein students were taught the process of reviving a dead person back within 10 minutes of his death. The team made the students learn the "savitri mantra" which instiled in students the grit of helping and saving someone's life. The workshop proved to be really encouraging and thought provoking.
    • A dentistry workshop was held on 15th April 2013. The workshop was headed by Dr. Vikas Aggarwal, a renowned dentist. The interactive, hour long workshop gave the students an insight into the advancements made by Science & Technology in the field of dentistry. Students were told about the role of healthy teeth in one`s life. Causes of tooth decay and ways to prevent the damage were talked about. The students were also told about the methods which could help them keep their teeth clean and healthy. The workshop ended with a discussion on the habits which can prolong the life of one`s teeth.
    • With the aim of spreading awareness regarding Hepatitis ILBS organized 16th Hepatitis day. The spiritual leader of Tibetan people Dalai Lama enlightened everyone with his words. He appealed people to stop consuming alcohol and quit smoking for having a healthy lifestyle. Various means of imparting knowledge were used ranging from poster and slogan making competitions on topic "Viral Hepatitis :myths And facts" to skits on theme ,Hepatitis and Pregnancy, .School students, nurses, health-care workers and medical students displayed colorful and imaginative posters and slogans describing the modes of transmission, prevention and treatment of hepatitis for public awareness. Public lectures by eminent celebrities and public figures were also organized to sensitize the audience about Hepatitis and the dangers it represents. The students participated in poster making and slogan writing competitions and were given participation certificates. It was a great learning experience for students.
    • Eye Camp was organized by AIIMS faculty for 3 days within the school premises for the entire staff and students.
    • First Aid Workshops for the students are organized by school infirmary staff from time to time.
    • A workshop was conducted by Proctor & Gamble to update the young girls regarding menstruation and how to manage their menstrual cycle. They were also told about the importance of personal hygiene.

  5. Theme Assembly - A high quality school assembly powerfully nurtures the development of intrapersonal intelligence. What follows illustrates how school assemblies, in all phases of schooling, can make a positive contribution to pupil self-development and therefore be at the heart of raising achievement and standards. In other words they underpin the school's institutional values and the whole of the curriculum. Our assemblies, which include our Acts of Worship, are an important feature of our school's life. They act as one of the main ways by which we create our positive reflective ethos and promote our values-based education in this value parched era for the school believes that if the students are culturally seeded then the society will take a right form.

    Theme Based Assemblies are organized by individual classes wherein each student can participate and get involved in group activity. Assemblies like Doctor's Day, Earth Day are conducted with a moral message.

  6. Talk Show - the interactive sessions are conducted for the students as well as the teachers to keep them abreast with all the changing education requirements. Interactive sessions are conducted with the help of eminent personalities like JATIN CHAWLA,the career counselor. The ENGLISH LANGUAGE experts have been invited to apprise the teachers as well as the students with the transformation in the subject assessment. Workshops have been conducted to update students regarding ASSESSMENT OF SPEAKING AND LISTENING ,a novel step of assessment of CBSE.

  7. Dengue Awareness Camp was organized to sensitize children about the ailment. The students were informed about its causes, symptoms and its precautions.

  8. Life Skills - No education can be termed as holistic if it ignores life skill so to equip the sophomores the school conducts workshops and seminars. The sessions from eminent missionaries of RAMA KRISHANA MISSION gave students a strong foothold to grip and soar high. The values are instilled in Mamsians through theme based assemblies class assemblies so that the impact can be planted at the grass root level. The children here are given facilities at par with the world and the lessons get enlivened with the help of the smart boards. The little one are taught with activity based learning strategies where learning gets imbibed through storytelling, celebration of festivals, days and weeks like Vanmahotsava, Zenith .Lets Reach the Pinnacle, yoga ,meditation and even Taekwondo class are conducted on regular basis.

  9. Guidance & Counselling Workshop - School Counselor arranges workshops on Life skill, Character Building regularly. The session was to create awareness about the need of value education and the strategies which can be followed to inculcate the values.

  10. Bullying-Bullying in any form - verbal, physical, emotional in any form is unacceptable. To orient students about what bullying is, group sessions are planned. One-to-one counseling sessions are needed for a child being bullied to help them come out of it and feel confident about themselves. To enable students to use internet safely, group sessions are taken up to address what cyber bullying is and its possible consequences.

  11. Jammu and Kashmir Disaster Relief

    MAHARAJA AGRASEN MODEL SCHOOL CD Block, Pitampura set in motion to conduct a disaster relief operation uniquely suited for the flood victims of Jammu and Kashmir. Guided by the vision, experience and expertise of the honourable Manager of the school Management Shri S.C. Mangla and the empathetic attitude and realization of the Principal Ms. Pratibha Kohli, the school readily acted and donated generously with 5000 packets of biscuits, bottles of potable water, dry ration, utensils, woolen clothes, medicines and blankets. The benevolent effort on the part of the Mamsians showcased their sensitivity towards mankind and the realization of the fact that we can only survive if we live together.