Workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Happy Classroom

DATE : NOVEMBER 30, 2019





The workshop began with an introductory speech of The Sparrow Man of India, Mr Rakesh Khatri. Students and teachers of many schools participated in the workshop. We were divided into small groups. We learnt to make bird's nest using eco-friendly material like fibre, jute thread and bamboo sticks.

The workshop introduced the wider concept of connection with nature and enabled us to realise the importance of being sensitive for birds.

Participation certificates were given for the schools. The workshop was indeed a wonderful learning experience.






An Inter-class quiz on the topic ' Special Days' was conducted on 28 th November, 2019.  The competition was held exclusively for class 3 students. Five teams participated in it, comprising four students each.

The quiz consisted of 4 rounds. Every round was a mixed bag with questions from different fields. Quiz Mistress Rajini conducted the quiz in a very interactive way and the teams participated with great enthusiasm. They skilfully answered the questions asked. Though some of the questions were tricky, the teams tried to answer them with confidence. The questions put forth to the teams were intriguing and exciting. The audience clapped when the teams answered correctly. The audience also got a chance to participate every time the teams answered incorrectly.

Quiz was very informative and knowledge enriching for the participants as well as for the audience. The students displayed ecstatic spirit and enjoyed the quiz to the fullest. It must be written here that this type of competition enhances eagerness among students.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Tie Breaker Round Total Score Position
Team A 10 10 10 30 III
Team B 10 10 10 30 III
Team C 10 10 20 Consolation Prize
Team D 10 10 10 10 10 50 I
Team E 10 10 10 10 40 II


DATE : NOVEMBER 22-23, 2019


A knowledgeable Capacity Building Program for class XII English Core was attended by Ms. Deepa Chawla. Dr. Indu Khaterpal and Ms. Jyotsna Grover, the Principal and the Vice Principal respectively were the resource persons. They dealt with the management of teaching English in senior secondary classes. They reflected upon the indispensability of teaching the subject effectively and improve upon the listening as well as speaking skills. The participants were engaged in the various activities to adapt novel strategies for the enhancement of the skills of children. The participants were acquainted with innovation in order to deal with teaching of literature. Information on assessment of speaking and listening skills was quite valuable. The workshop updated the participants and apprised them of the latest methodologies for better teaching and learning.







The aim of the workshop was to guide the teachers taking secondary classes regarding the different stages in assessment ,gathering information about and evidence of the extent of effectiveness of teaching and learning, recording of information and analysing and reporting the information collected and for using this information for the improvement of the learners.Various types of assessment tools like periodic test , notebook and subject enrichment activity were discussed to help the teachers have a better understanding of the tools and use them effectively in their teaching learning practices.The various levels of Bloom's taxonomy were also taken up so that question papers can be framed to judge the higher level thinking skills of the children.Tools of multiple assessment, making of portfolios and subject enrichment activities were discussed at length and emphasis was also laid on preparing rubrics and maintaining the evidence of the marks so awarded. It was thus an informative and an enriching workshop.

Workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Happy Classroom

DATE-October 3,2019

VENUE-Gyan Mandir School, E block Naraina Vihar, Delhi

ORGANISED BY- Central Board of Secondary Education

ATTENDED BY- Karuna Gupta

RESOURCE PERSON-Ms. Maninder Pal Kaur.

It focussed on –

· Self Awareness,Self Management Self Motivation .

· Understanding Emotional Intelligence by Personal Competence -my ability to maintain awareness of my emotions and manage my behaviour Social Competence- my ability to understand others in order to improve relationship

· Making self happy formula and self regulation rule.(activity was conducted for same ).

· Ways of foster Happiness in Classroom -Mindfulness, learning new things each day,Develop an effective Pastoral Care Program .

· Behaviour and Misbehaviour .

· Reasons for Misbehaviour- Psychological reasons like trauma , low self esteem,Environmental Factors like diet, media influence , Biological Factors like temperament , genetics.

· Time Management.

· Magical words -It's Ok

The workshop was very systematic, well organised, informative and very interactive .

Train to Transform Workshop' by Oxford University Press

DATE: September 28, 2019

Ms. Shreya Arora and Ms. Rajni attended an informational 'Train to Transform Workshop' organised by Oxford University Press on September 28, 2019 at Hotel The Park.

Ms. Priyadarshini Bhattacharya, the product manager of Oxford University Press, India gave an insight into the launch of 'Dragonfly Readers' series and 'Oxford Reading Buddy' followed by an interactive session with the resource person, Ms. Mala Palani.

She trained the educationists to transform themselves into great story tellers by three very interesting sessions.

The agenda of the workshop was to bring out the story telling skills of in service teachers to master content in Sciences, Social Sciences, Mathematics and language and thus use it as a way of teaching method. Ms. Mala Palani, a great reformer in the field of education and author of several Grammar books of classes I – III made everyone believe that stories are a part and parcel of everyone's lives.

Report on Prevention and Management of Mental Health Problems in School Children

THEME-"Prevention and Management of Mental Health Problems in School Children

DATE-27 th September, 2019

VENUE-India International Centre, New Delhi-110003

ORGANISED BY- Institute Of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy (ICTRC)

ATTENDED BY- Ms.Rita Gupta

RESOURCE PERSON-Dr. V.S . Ravindaran, Director of ICTRC & Dr. Karunakaran, CEO Shiv Nadar School

LEARNING OUTCOME- It was an enriching session as it has cleared that in the present scenario, teachers need to be not only masters of their subjects but also experts in human behaviour. Every teacher has to virtually act as a counsellor now


DATE: September 26, 2019

A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory. To facilitate the students of MAHARAJA AGRASEN MODEL SCHOOL and other schools in the vicinity , a thought provoking interactive session was conducted at Maharaja Agrasen Model School on September 26,2019 by the eminent personalities who are paramount pioneers in their respective fields.

The principal Dr. Pratibha Kohli welcomed the guest speakers with a token of appreciation and addressed the students about the need to take up their careers seriously and make the right decision for their lives.

Mr. Jitin Chawla , a renowned name in the field of career counselling addressed the students and apprised them all by notifying that there are approximately 78000 career options in the world.He also informed the students about new career options and institutes in the country and the world. He emphasized upon the fact that there are immensely paying careers in all the spheres of vocations.

Dr. Aruna Broota , the noted psychologist spell bound the students with her charismatic style and gave tips to the students about how to stay motivated and right reading and learning skills.The strategies shared by her were TALKING TO THE HAND and MAKING NOTES and thereby eased the stress faced by the student fraternity. The thread of the informative session got catalyzed by Mr. Sanjay Ahirwal , Head of School of Journalism and Mass Communication,Apeejay Satya University when he shared his story of being a journalist. He also motivated the students to take up the challenging role of being a journalist and informed about various courses offered by his university as well as by other universities in the country. Ms. Rekha Kejriwal Academic Head from Academy of Fashion in Arts talked about career options in the field of designing be it technology related or other marketing giants like Amazon and the kind. Ms. Monica Garg , Senior Manager Admission at Pearl informed the students about various courses offered by her institute. Mr. Deepankar from Indian Institute of Hotel Management apprised the audience about career options in the field of hospitality.

Lastly, the show stealer session was conducted and taken up by the maestro Mr Jitin Chawla who in his citation note summarised about new career options and concluded the session on a positive note leaving children optimist as well as awestruck about the piece of information imparted by him. The career session gave the students an opportunity to explore the vistas and get connected to the world by planning to choose the right option and the suitable institute which would result into making them cherish and love the job they would prepare for in the future.

The interactive daylong session with the prominent authorities of their field definitely gave some directions as well as food for thought to the students.

Workshop on Artificial Intelligence

Topic : Artificial Intelligence

DATE: September 11-13, 2019

Venue: Spring Dales School, Pusa Road

Organised by: CBSE in collaboration with IBM and Learning Link Foundation

Attended by: Ms. Jyoti Sharma

The interactive session was planned and executed in three sessions thereby giving a deep learning experience to the enthusiastic learners.

Day 1

Aiming to ensure that current students are AI workforce ready, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) introduced AI as a skill subject for Grade 9-10 along with a 12-hour 'Inspire' module for class 8. In line with these developments, CBSE is working towards building the IBM-AI K-12 Curriculum in collaboration with IBM India, targeting Grade 11 and Grade 12 teachers and students. In this regard CBSE conducted the workshop on 'IBM-CBSEAI K-12 Curriculum' in collaboration with IBM at Sprindales School, Pusa Road. Ms. Anita Karwal, IAS, Chairperson CBSE was the Chief Guest for the day. She addressed the Principals and Teachers from various schools present there. She talked about Hubs of learning, Change in the pattern of Question Papers of Class X, AI Curriculum , Vidyadaan Movement etc. Mr. Biswajit Saha, Director, Skill Education talked about what AI can do. Next year CBSE will start AI for class XI also. AI has the potential to overcome the physical limitations of capital and labour and open new sources of value and growth. In the training session of teachers they gave introduction about the benefits of Artificial intelligence, IBM Watson assistant, History of AI, Impact of AI on Life, How can we build AI without giving instructions, What is not AI, How do humans learn things, How do machines learn etc.

Day 2

The resource person Mr. Shivranjan from IBM introduced Terminology and Jargon to AI like Data Science, Machine Learning, Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning and Deep Learning with examples. The learners were provided hands on practice on IBM Watson Debater, Watson Discovery, IBM Watson Text to speech, Installation of software supporting Text to Speech etc. were also explained. Overall it was a fruitful and enriching session.

Day 3

The resource person Mr. Somay from Learning Links provided hands on practice on curl library, natural language processing like Speech to text, Text to speech, visual recognition etc. He introduced what is data, how data is generated, what is big data, sources of big data. He demonstrated the App – Blink and IFTTT. Overall it was an enriching session with great learning about Artificial intelligence.



An informative and entertaining workshop on career counselling was conducted from FLAME UNIVERSITY for the student5s of class XII. The resource person was Mr. Shankar Muralidharan who introduced and explained various career options available to us. He discussed in detail the right steps we should take in our lives to have a good future. He also depicted the causes and repercussions of a bad career choice. Students were answered convincingly by the resource person. He laid great emphasis on polishing as well as strengthening the positive emotions like empathy, confidence, hard work etc. to overcome negativity for lead a successful life. Thus the workshop enlightened as well as redefined the parameters of real achievements in life.

CBSE Capacity Building Workshop on Social Science for Class X

DATE-2 September 13th and 14th, 2019

VENUE-Good Samaritan School, Jasola

ORGANISED BY- Institute Of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy (ICTRC)


RESOURCE PERSON-Mr. Joginder Kumar and Ms. Prabha Uniyal

LMs Shweta attended CBSE Capacity Building Workshop on Social Science for Class X was conducted on September 13th and 14th, 2019at Good Samaritan School, Jasola

The Central Board of Secondary Education organized a two-day Capacity Building Workshop on teaching strategies in Social Science Class X. The event for teachers took place at the Good Samaritan School, Jasola on September 13th and 14th, 2019. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Joginder Kumar and Ms. Prabha Uniyal

The following topics were covered under the discussion:

Teaching strategies
Bloom's revised taxonomy of Instructional Objectives

The inaugural session focused on understanding of multiple intelligences to give equal attention on individuals who show gifts in the other intelligences: the artists, musicians, naturalists, designers, dancers, entrepreneurs.

Workshop by OUP India on Online Teacher Training Programmes

DATE: September 2, 2019

Ms Vinita Suri from the Oxford University Press conducted a promotional workshop on September 2, 2019 ,in the school, motivating the teachers to take up OUP India's Online Teacher Training which seeks to provide rigorous personal and professional training to teachers in the most effective way possible. With a user-friendly platform to access the training materials their modules could prove to be an indispensable source of information, guidance and continuing education, striving towards achieving excellence in teaching. Emphasizing on holistic learning, their programmes offer new avenues of self-discovery and self-improvement, as you connect with the leading minds of the educational sphere.

Capacity Building Programme - Business Studies

DATE: August 29 and 30, 2019

Venue: Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh

ORGANISER : CBSE - Centre of Excellence for Teachers, Delhi

The main objectives of the training program were -
- to acquaint teachers with the changes in the subject.
- to acquaint teachers with different teaching strategies and skills for effective transaction of curriculum.
- to equip teachers with skills and competencies to effectively transact challenging content areas.

Day one began with a Commerce quiz. The Resource persons Ms Shivani Nagrath from Summerfield School and Mr C. M. Jain from N.K. Bagrodia Public School did a detailed discussion of syllabus.

Strategies for effective framing of objective type questions and appropriate framing of Question paper were also discussed.

On Day two, teachers did a role play of subject concepts. They were motivated to use innovative methods like concept maps, games and videos to make the teaching learning process more effective and enjoyable. Teachers shared their best teaching learning strategies. Another group activity was conducted where they framed different types of objective type questions. They were also guided on design of question paper and project work.

The workshop was well conducted and effective in meeting the stated objectives.

Workshop on Capacity Building Programme for Social Science

DATE: 27th & 28 th of August 2019.

VENUE: S D Public School, Patel Nagar ,Delhi.

ORGANIZED BY: Central Board Of Secondary Education- NPSC.

ATTENDED BY : Tanuja Sahu (TGT Social Science ). The workshop was conducted by Mr. Joginder Kumar & Mr.Madan Sawhney. It focussed on - 

 Teaching Learning in Social Science.
 Lesson Planning.
 Assessment & Evaluation.
 NCF 2005.
 Strategy of teaching Social Science .

The workshop was very systematic, organised, informative and interactive .

Report of Workshop on Capacity Building Programme in Maths for Class X

DATE: August 22 ,2019 to August 23,2019

Venue: Lion's Public School ,Ashok Vihar,Delhi.

Attended by : Hiteshi Kumar

The workshop started with an interactive session talking about various problems faced, common mistakes committed by students and the remedial measures that should be taken.

During the Workshop teachers also shared their personal experiences about how they introduced different mathematical concepts. This was really appreciated by all as it helped us all to learn from each other's experience. This will assist the teachers to ensure that these concepts are well understood by the students during the teaching sessions.

The change in format for internal assessment done by CBSE was also discussed. As per the new allocation scheme, bifurcation of 20 marks for internal assessment shall be as follows:

A) 5 mark for paper pen tests .

B) 5mark for multiple assessment which can be taken in various ways like concept maps can be developed by children for any particular topic .

C) 5marks for portfolio such as class work, crossword puzzles etc.

D) 5 marks for lab manual activities to enhance the concepts dealt in class.

It was a great learning experience for the teacher.

Workshop on Capacity Building Programme

DATE: August 20 and 21,2019.


ORGANIZED BY: Central Board Of Secondary Education

Ashima Kathuria PGT English attended a 2 days workshop on Capacity Building Programme organised by CBSE on August 20 and 21,2019 at HANSRAJ MODEL SCHOOL Punjabi Bagh, Delhi.The resource persons Ms. Ruchi Sengar and Ms. Ritu Sharma conducted an intensive 2 days programme on English core for class 12. 60 teachers from various schools of Delhi participated in the program.

The workshop began with an ice breaking session followed by an extensive program on writing skills and the literature books The handouts were given to facilitate the teachers to conduct as well as initiate various lessons in the classroom. The changes in the marking scheme were addressed clearly. Various strategies were also given specially for non fiction lessons.

The resource persons also emphasized upon the relevance and importance of following the Bloom taxonomy to formulate a balanced question paper. The workshop also came up with wonderful as well as innovative solutions about how to teach note making and make it an interesting activity in the class. Various techniques for shared by the teachers about how the writing section can be made interesting for the students. The session also touched Flamingo as well as Vistas and stressed upon how to deal with the value based questions. The formats for the writing skills were once again brushed up and significant lines and phrases from the texts were also discussed at length.

Overall it was a great session that really brought the like minded people together to discuss the classroom difficulties, the reincluded chapters and clarified doubts regarding the same.


Date : August 20, 2019

A career counselling session was organised for the commerce and humanities students for class XII in the commerce week on August 20, 2019.The session was conducted by Mr. Alok Bansal from TIME. He helped the students to choose and plan for their career after 12th.

He enthusiastically interacted with the students and discussed some of the real life experiences. He enlightened the students to take up the career they are good at. Thereafter, he started an interactive session with the students asking their aims and aspirations in life. He also shared information regarding top colleges. Mr. Alok urged the students not to make decisions based on family expectations and peer pressure. The workshop was concluded with a question answer session. The session was very helpful and motivating for the students.

Dance workshop report (music department)

DATE: August 3, 2019.

A dance workshop was taken by Varsha Das Gupta dated- August 3, 2019 in our school. She is the disciple of kathak exponents Abhimanyu LaL and Vidha LaL. Presently she is working as repertory artist of the A.V. Company owned by Vidha LaL and Devi Durga Kathak Sansthan.

The students of class IV –VIII were deeply impressed by her dance moves. It was very interactive as the students came up and performed with her. It was lecture cum demonstration workshop.

Capacity Building on IT(Voc)- 402

Date: July 18 , 2019

Conducted by : CBSE

Resource Room: Ms. Liza Puri

Venue: Prudent School, Ashok Vihar

Attended by : Jyoti Sharma

The workshop was conducted by Microsoft team and included topics like creating sway, blogs, Teams, using skype etc. THe workshop was expected to be on resolving doubts regarding IT(Voc) - 402, and only 20 mins session was taken by CBSE resource person to address the issues.

Capacity Building Programme in Physics.

Date : 11 & 12th July, 2019

Organised by : CBSE, Centre of Excellence, Delhi

Venue : NC Jindal Public School, Punjabi Bagh

The resource persons were Mr. D K Mishra, Principal of Nutan Vidya Mandir and Mrs Nidhi Kapoor, Principal of Lotus Valley Public School, Noida wherein they stressed upon the following:

1. They focussed on ICT in NCERT text book which are empowered with QR codes.

2. Change in syllabus based on cognitive level of children, international standard and decrease in syllabus without reducing learning levels.

3. Discussed challenges in teaching learning process.

4. Strengthened the concept development at secondary level.

5. Firm foundation of higher studies.

6. Expose learners to different processes.

7. Develop process, skills and experimental observational.

8. Manipulating decision making and investigatory skills.

9. Promote problem solving abilities and creative thinking in learners.

10. Constructive teaching strategies- cooperative learning, guided instructions, Problem based learning, Reciprocate peer teaching, modelling.

11. Assessment and evaluation.

12. Designing of question paper, blue print and marking scheme.

13. Discussed about the latest changes made in curriculum and design of Question Paper for session 2019-20 for physics

Workshop on health and Nutrition

Date: 21.05.2019

Topic: Health and nutrition

TOI conducted a workshop for the staff members of MAMS on health and Nutrition. Spokesperson Ms. Jyoti Wohera from Yakult discussed how to keep ourselves healthy. Regular exercise, adequate sleep , laughter and probiotic is the basic requirement. Probiotic helps us to keep our guts healthy. The session ended with the note that "We must eat right for good health"

Workshop on Stress Management and Performance Enhancement

Date : May 15,2019

As part of a Teacher Awareness Programme led by O.P.Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences, a workshop on Stress Management and Performance Enhancement was organised in N.C.Jindal Public School, Punjabi Bagh, on May 15, 2019. The resource persons Dr. Mohita Junnarkar and Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni from O.P.Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences enlightened the participants on various cause and effects of stress and thereafter offered tips to manage stress in order to make our life happy and enhance our performance.
The main emphasis was on building and redeeming relationship with students while giving equal importance to the cognitive and non-cognitive abilities of the children. In the first session, Dr Mohita acquainted the participant teachers with various psychoanalytic terms like anxiety, nervousness, depression and the like and advised to be careful with the slightest symptoms shown by students or friends and family members. She also offered tips and techniques for stress management which include 'me time', utilisation of positive stress, planning and handling things effectively and taking appropriate action towards a stimulus. Mr. Sahni said that there is a difference between stress and anxiety. Stress is the ultimate outcome of anxiety and it happens when people hide and manipulate their behaviour as they try to look for pleasantness. While giving tips to enhance students' performance under stress he said one should reduce the quantity of white flour in food as it reduces the synergy between mind and body and make them sluggish. During this time water intake should be sufficient as it controls the blood pressure and heart rate. He also laid importance upon the posture of sitting as sitting with straight spine increases the receptivity among children. He advised that as the retention is maximum after a good sleep, we must inculcate and improve the studying habits among children in the morning or to take a nap after several hours of working in a day. He also acquainted the teachers with with various methods used by behavioural scientists today to help people have a control over their heart and body.
The participant teachers seemed to be very happy and satisfied after the session. They found it very informative and educative. Such types of talks and workshops help teachers understand their students and how to act in conditions when they identify unnecessary stress amongst their students.

Workshop on Stress Managment

Date : April 26,2019

To overcome stress and anxiety a workshop was organised by C.B.S.E on Friday, 26.04.2019 at Queen Mary's School. The workshop helped us to know about various aspects of stress wherein the teachers discussed their stress situations and learnt solutions how to cope with it. While addressing the teachers Ms. Geetanjali said "anxiety is a part of human nature, but it is important to know how to overcome it". Focusing on students she said "adolescent stress is very prominent, we as teachers should practice active body listening with such students". The interactive session was followed by the presentation through which we explored different stages of stress and some effective ways by which we can overcome it.Overall it was an enriching experience.

Workshop on Personality Development

Date : April 26,2019

An informative workshop on Personality Development was held by Mr.Bhaveesh from the HT. Two sessions were conducted by him for classes VII and VIII in which he discussed the seven parameters which are essential to achieve the goal. He shared the influential strategies which will help them to enhance their overall personality. He also reflected upon table manners, communication skills, public speaking etc. Some inspirational videos were shown which helped the students to understand the concepts in a better way. Students' queries were discussed. It was an entertaining as well as enriching workshop.

Workshop on Public Speaking

Date : April 25,2019

An informative workshop on Public Speaking was held by Mr. Ravinder from the Times of India. Two sessions were conducted by him for classes IX and XI, in which he ignited the students to improve their communication skills. He shared the influential strategies to overcome hesitation while addressing people and communicating with them. Students' queries were discussed. It was an entertaining as well as enriching workshop.


Date : April 9,2019

A Workshop was organised by Delhi Traffic Police on April 9,2019 for the students of class XII during school hours in the Seminar hall. The resource person is Mr. Manoj, Assistant Sub Inspector along with one lady constable conducted a session on Road Safety. The resource person made students aware about the alarming rate of road accidents as one of the biggest causes of worry in India. He made students realize that road safety rules are not only to be used by motorists and drivers but also by pedestrians, cyclists, and others. While on the road, one must carefully observe traffic sign boards and follow the same with patience and consideration. This will not only ensure smooth flow of traffic by bringing down congestion but would also help people avoid potential mishaps on the roads. The session coupled with video clippings, real life incidents and experiences apprised the students to be careful citizens of the country.

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