Workshop on Making Inclusion Successful

DATE: February 24, 2016

VENUE: India International Centre, New Delhi

ORGANIZED BY: Institute of Counsellor Training Research And Consultancy

ATTENDED BY : Sudhi Ailawadi (PGT Business Studies)

The workshop was conducted by Dr. V.S. Ravindran, Mr. Jaideep Chatterjee and Ms. Goldie Malhotra . It focused on -

  • Inclusive classrooms to replace homogenous classrooms
  • Challenges
    • Socio economic background
    • Behavioural Challenges
    • Ailments (Physical)
    • Mental Challenges
    • Gender Bias
  • Imrovement in infrastructure for inclusive education.
  • Multiple intelligent ways of dealing with the students with special needs.
  • Parental Dealing
  • Extra attention , never to be revealed.
  • Strenghthening school counselling initiative.

Workshop on Communication Strategies

DATE: February 9, 2016

VENUE: N. K. Bagrodia Public School, Rohini, Delhi

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Nishant Bansal

ATTENDED BY : Monika Mittal( TGT Science) & Class 8 Students

Ms. Monika Mittal, TGT (Science) along with four students of class 8 Gyanvi, Kashish Jain,Kanika Parashar and Samiksha Pandey attended a workshop on Communication Strategies. It was very interactive and knowledgeable workshop. Four major pillars of effective communication were described. They are communication style, communication barriers, body language and active listening. Communication style includes three styles which are passive, aggressive and assertive. Some communication barriers discussed in the workshop are lack of confidence, physical barriers and cultural barriers. Body language includes a flooding smile, sticky eyes, complete attention and use of hands. Qualities of good listener includes no distractions, asking questions and seeking clarification, being polite and focusing on the person speaking. The entire session was very inspirational and motivating.

An workshop on Implementation of National Mass De-worming

DATE: February 6, 2016

VENUE: Govt Girls Sr. Secondary School, SU Block Pitampura, Delhi


ORGANIZED BY : Ministry of Health, New Delhi

ATTENDED BY : Neha Sanan( PGT Biology)

Ministry of health along with Directorate of Education is organizing a Mass De-worming Programme on February 10, 2016. It is an initiative taken by Government of India to improve the general health of children all over India. As per the guidelines all schools are directed to conduct a Mass De-worming Programme on 10-02-16, followed by Mop-up day on 15-02-2016 and send up the report to the education officer by 20-02-2016. All students (Nursery to class XII) are required to ingest a Tablet of Albendazole as a part of De-worming Programme. Neha Sanan( PGT Biology) attended this training programme as Nodal Teacher. A short orientation programme will be conducted for staff members on Monday, 08-02-16 about the necessary guidelines regarding the Mass De-worming Programme.

Workshop on Leadership skills

DATE: February 3, 2016

VENUE: VSPK school, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr Nishant Bansal

ORGANIZED BY : Quality Education Asia(QEA)

Mr Nishant Bansal, member of company DELL conducted a workshop at VSPK school. Nushant Sethi of class 9-D of Maharaja Agrasen Model School attended this workshop. It was an interactive session thereby guiding the students from various schools all over Delhi on “Leadership skills”.The speaker taught students some good skills for management and coordination. The main highlights of the programme were :

  • To Motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision.
  • To Manage delivery of the vision.
  • To Coach and build a team, so that it is more effective at achieving the vision.
  • Displays high integrity and honesty
  • Solves problems and analyzes issues
  • Drives for results
  • Communicates powerfully and prolifically
  • Builds relationships
  • Displays technical or professional expertise
  • Displays a strategic perspective
  • How to be an effective leader
  • Develops others
  • Innovates
Overall the session was very interactive and informative. The students gained a lot more skills which will help them in future.

Workshop on Enhancing Exploration Skills

DATE: January 23, 2016

VENUE: Maharaj Agrasen Adarsh Public School, Delhi

ORGANIZED BY: Quality Education Asia


ATTENDED BY : Rita Gupta and Bela Walia

The workshop was very informative as the features of active and passive learning were discussed. Recommendations of NCF for Science Teaching in Primary School were also discussed in the workshop. We also learnt about creating interdisciplinary activities.

Workshop on "Better strategies for teaching and learning English language"

DATE: December 31, 2014

VENUE: Radisson Blue, Pascim Vihar


ATTENDED BY: Ms Smridhi Bahl and Ms Shilpi Wadhwa

An inspiring workshop on better strategies for teaching and learning English language was organized by Orient Black Swan Publishing House .The workshop introduced an all-new edition of MCB, meeting the requirements of CCE for CBSE schools. The interactive session which aimed at improving the multi-faceted approach of learning language skills opened new avenues of teaching English with utmost ease. The session unfolded various segments of English language teaching such as vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, modules etc. The workshop was very informative and provided a good learning experience for English language teachers.

Workshop on "Nutrition For Health and Vitality"

Date: December 14, 2015

Venue: MAMS Seminar Hall, Delhi

Participants : Staff Members of MAMS and teachers from other schools

Resource Persons: Ms Chhavi Gupta

• Resource person Ms Chhavi Gupta conducted the workshop on the above mentioned topic. She is a renowned dietician and critical care nutritionist with over eight years of experience in the field of nutrition. She has worked with various prominent hospitals and slimming centres in Delhi and Jaipur. She has conducted many nutritional workshops and CME programmes as Chief Dietician of Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Jaipur. Currently she is working as consultant Dietician at Muni Maya Ram Hospital, Pitampura. She is also an Alumni of the School.

• She discussed ideal parameters for important heath related concepts like BMI, waist-hip ratio, fat percentage, etc.

• The most important aspect of the workshop was ‘HEALTHY EATING TIPS'.

• The importance of drinking adequate water and regular physical activity was emphasized.

• The participants also got a chance to discuss their doubts. It helped in clarifying various health related myths.

• The interactive session was well received by one and all.

Workshop on “Mathematics At Plus Two Stage: Challenges And Road Map”

Date: December 9, 2015

Venue: Lady Sri Ram College, Lajpat Nagar IV ,South Extention, New Delhi

Name of the teacher attended the programme: Mr. N.M.Bhoopathi (P.G.T.Maths)

M.A.M.S Pitampura

Resource Persons:  Dr.DOUGLAS BUTLER (U.K)  Prof. Ram Avtar, NCERT  Prof. Dharam Prakash, NCERT  Dr. Rajpal Singh, Delhi Edu. Dept.  Mr. Piyush Madhav, Amity University

Mathematics Workshop on Activity Based Teaching

Date: Monday,30 November, 2015

Venue : Queen Mary’s School, Northend

Teachers who participated in workshop- Ms.Ekta Jain, Ms.Hiteshi Kumar

Some very beneficial points were discussed during the workshop. He suggested that all mathematics teachers should sit together and discuss their teaching experiences on different topics so as to add innovation to the content and improve teaching techniques. A teacher should emphasize that the subject requires solving questions with speed and accuracy. He suggested that students should always read the introduction of the chapter for better understanding of the concepts. A teacher should always motivate a child and never say that mathematics is difficult. Students should always be told that practice makes a man perfect. On daily basis, 10 questions should be given to the child to practice.

Workshop on Financial Literacy for Middle Income Groups

Date: November 27 , 2015

Mrs Sunita Gupta from SEBI organised a workshop on November 27, 2015 to enhance the knowledge of teachers as investors and help them participate in the financial growth of the country. The resource­person not only presented structured regulations that are put in place to make products available to the clients but also spread awareness of the benefits which could turn savers into investors who could create a financially aware and empowered India.The information she shared helped teachers develop skills and confidence to become more aware of financial risks and opportunities and make informed choices to improve their financial position.

Workshop on "Using Technology for Education"

Date: Nov. 7 , 2015

Venue: Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, Delhi

Organised by : CRISP, ICT Experts

Resource Persons: Mr. Uday Loria and Mr. Rajat Krishan

A workshop was organized by CRISP , ICT Experts on NOV 7 , 2015 at Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, Delhi – 110085. The topic of discussion was "Using Technology for Education" . Ms. Tanuja Sahu (TGT Social Science) and Ms. Kamal Johar (PRT Computer Science) attended the workshop. The resource person Mr. Uday Loria and Mr. Rajat Krishan elucidated upon judicious use of technology in class room teaching and for preparing Lesson Plans by the teachers. The workshop emphasized upon using youtube educational vedios, google earth and mimio tools in prepraping projects for students to develop their creativity. The workshop was informative and interactive

Self Defence Training Programme For Girls

Date: October 5, 2015 to October 15, 2015

Venue:Maharaja Agrasen Model School (Ground)

Students : All girls of class V and X This 10 day programme was organised in the school premises from 8am to 9am on ‘Self Defence’ by Delhi Police. Delhi police’s representatives Ms. Manjit and Ms. Poonam came to the school for training the girls of class V and X. They gave tips and tricks to teach girls to defend themselves in case of an attack. A total of 136 girls attended this programme.

This programme is a wonder initiative taken by Delhi Police to empower girls.

Workshop on the most sensitive issue of the present scenario

Date: October. 17, 2015

Organised by : Macmillan education

On 17th Oct, 2015 Macmillan education conducted the workshop on the most sensitive issue of the present scenario – Developing the 21st century Learner – Management Perspective. The resource person Dr. Aruna Broota, a clinical psychologist addressed the teachers from various schools of Delhi. She highlighted the present situation of deterioration of human values among our present generation. According to her the reason behind is e-addiction of youngsters which hampers the holistic growth of our children. To make the future of our children bright, collective efforts should be made by the teachers, parents and entire society.

Science Symposium – Light and Agriculture

Date: October. 15 , 2015




Simran Bansal and Megha Jain of Class 12A participated in science symposium – Light and Agriculture. The workshop gave an insight about the importance of light in agriculture and latest discoveries in Nanotechnology.


Date: October. 15 , 2015



Students participating : SWATI KUMAR (VII-A)

With the aim of spreading awareness regarding ‘Role of light in making earth a sustainable planet and inculcating scientific skills in students , Delhi International School, Rohini organized an Inter School Competition - CONFLUENCE 2015. Students of different schools participated in the symposium. Student of our school also participated in the competition and gave her presentation in symposium on topic describing about how light is helpful in making earth a sustainable planet with applications. Student was given appreciation certificate. It was a great learning experience for the student.


Date: October, 13 2015

Topic : Mount and layer grafting on Aedinium sps

Students participating : XI - XII

Venue: M. A. M. S. Terrace garden

Resource Persons: Shri S.L Gupta Ji

An interactive workshop on grafting was held at Maharaja Agrasen Model School (Terrace garden) under the guidance of Shri S.L. Gupta Ji– honorable management member of Sri Agrasen Educational Society .The members of staff got an opportunity to learn the technique and practice it by grafting on Aedinium sps. The scion(graft)was taken from exotic varieties of Aedinium sps and placed on local varieties of Aedinium.The workshop was very informative and provided great hands on learning experience to the teachers as they got acquainted with a practical, useful method of growing plants with desirable characteristics in much shorter span of time

Workshop on ‘HIMMAT APP’ for women safety

Date: 9th October, 2015

Organised by : NGO – EK KAAM DESH KE NAAM in association with Delhi Police

Resource Persons: Ms Seema Mehta (Project Manager), Ms Ranju Rana, Ms Meenu Sharma

The main aim of the workshop was to create awareness about HIMMAT APP. which is an initiative by Delhi Police for women safety. The participants were explained the steps to register and download it.

Girls of Class IX-XII attended the session wherein the resource persons first oriented them about this App. The girls then registered themselves for the same on Delhi Police website.

The same session was also conducted for the staff members.The workshop witnessed an overwhelming response from one and all.

Gender Sensitisation

Date: October 9, 2015

Title: Gender Sensitisation

Organiser: Society AHAD (Against Hunger And Deprivation) in association with Delhi Police

Venue: Seminar Hall

Resource Persons:
• Dr Neena Pandey, Deptt. of Social work, D.U.
• Mr Vijay Kumar Pandey, Secretary-AHAD and Member- Juvenile Justice Board
• Delhi Police Inspector Ms Anuradha
• Ms Shalini Pandey, D.U.
• Ms Parul Malik, D.U.

Boys of classes IX and X attended the workshop.
The main points discussed in the workshop were-
• Understanding gender and sex
• Gender prevalent inequalities
• Gender stereotypes and prejudices
• Contribution of socialisation process
• Understanding gender issues and related discrimination in school settings

Videos were shown highlighting-
• the common notion ‘boys don’t cry’
• child sexual abuse

Students were encouraged to report matters of sexual abuse on the child helpline.

It was an interactive workshop well received by one and all.

Teaching Methodology For Making Effective Curriculum Transaction In The Classroom

Date: October 8, 2015

Topic : Teaching Methodology For Making Effective Curriculum Transaction In The Classroom.

Venue: Goodley Public School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

Organised By: Rachna Sagar Publications Private Limited

Resource Persons: Dr. Satyavir Singh

Attended BY: Ms. Ekta Jain and Ms. Neha Goel

Dr. Satyavir Singh discussed and demonstrated teaching methodology for making effective curriculum transaction in the classroom. He provided solution to the queries of the participants regarding specific mathematical concepts. He discussed the utility of teaching mathematics versus telling mathematics. An information and technology based society requires individuals who are able to think critically about complex issues, people who can analyze and think logically about new situations devise unspecified solution procedures and communicate their solution clearly and convincingly to others.

Visit to R K Mission

Date: 15th and 16th September, 2015

Title: The Awakened Citizen Program

Venue: CP Ashram,New Delhi

Attended by: by Ms Daisy Garg and Mrs Vasudha Gupta

Program’s major highlights were as follow:
  1. Program was divided into 16 modules and is meant for class 8.
  2. On the first day recapitulation of the unique and universal possibilities were discussed in human beings.Same has already been explored by MAMS teachers in class 7th last year(2014).
  3. The trainers of RK Mission emphasized on the same day that the universal possibilities would be explored among class 8 students too but in depth.
  4. On the second day a real class room atmosphere was created and wherein respective teachers present were asked to discuss modules in front of the audience. The main purpose of this exercise was to evoke the key message behind each module to target audience (students).
Concluding remarks: The overall experience of attending the program was remarkably good and it can surely help our students to become better human beings.

Computer Science Teachers Training Workshop @ IIIT-Delhi

Date: September 7, 2015

A workshop was organized by NPSC in collaboration with WWF on September 7, 2015 at Springdales school , Pusa road. The topic of discussion was Effective Teaching of Environment Education in schools. Ms. Manju Garg (PRT General) and Ms. Upasana Sachdeva (PRT General) attended the workshop. The resource person Ms. Radhika Suri and her team elucidated upon climate change , rising sea levels and pollution related diseases which are clear evidences of environmental degradation and irresponsible consumption of natural resources. The workshop emphasized upon involving students in multidisciplinary EE projects to increase awareness and sensitivity towards environmental issues amongst children

Effective Teaching of Environment Education in schools

Date: August 22,2015

Mrs. Chandni Agarwal (PGT Computer Science) attended workshop at IIIT Delhi organized for Computer Science Teachers teaching XI-XII from all over the Delhi-NCR. The workshop held on 8th, 16th and 22nd August 2015 at IIIT Delhi campus as an initiative by Google and IIITD . The session was taken up by IIT professors and was very informative and selected school teachers as co-instructors. Mrs. Chandni Agarwal also conducted a session on Best Teaching Practices and File Handling on 16th August.


Date: August 21, 2015

A comprehensive workshop on fire safety took place in Maharaja Agrasen Model School on August 21, 2015 to create awareness among students about the fire fighting techniques and the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergency situations. The resource person Mr.Ashok (SO) aimed to educate the children about disaster preparedness for all possible hazards and to train them in basic disaster responses skills such as fire safety rescue and team evacuation. The session was interactive and all the students learnt about the importance of Do’s and Don’ts in case of fire.

Workshop on "Using Technology for Education"

Date: August 7, 2015

Organized By: CRISP (The Consortium for Research in School Pedagogy)

Venue: Venue S. D. Public School, Pitampura

Attended By: Mr Rakesh Bhardwaj (PGT Physics) and Ms Ritu Lalwani (PGT Business Studies)

Description: The workshop aimed at empowering teachers to actively use technology to enhance the teaching learning process rather than being passive acceptors of pre developed content. It focused on-  Challenges faced by educators  Teacher’s role in ICT enhanced classrooms  Using web tools in teaching and learning  Preparing digital curriculum resources  Role of ICT in education  Integrating ICT into teaching


Theme: Prevention and Management of Mental Health Problems in School Children – Role of Principals

Date: August 4, 2015

Organized By: Institute of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy

Venue: India International Centre, New Delhi

Attended By: Mrs. Vibha Ahuja

Description: Around 200 schools participated in the National Summit of School Principals which focused on the mental health issues of school children. Renowned personalities from the field of education Dr. Ravindaran, Dr. C. Rajkumar from O.P. Jindal University, Dr. Meenakshi from Manav Rachna University enlightened the gathering on the issue.
The resource persons talked about the vital role of school in identifying and dealing with the mental health issues of children and intervention of mental health concerns of school age children. The summit concluded that child’s performance in studies is not an isolated phenomenon. The totality of the child’s personality plays a huge role in the child’s academic performance.
Present generation which is more independent, peer influenced, well informed, virtually connected, ‘me’ only generation who believes in (me and myself) needs different skills, for which school needs to provide positive school climate –reducing stress and enhancing resilience and proper directions and guidance to teachers, counsellors and parents so that children don’t have status driven life style but should have a purpose giving life style for their future.


Date: July 23,2012

A workshop for Accountancy and Business Studies was organized by Commerce Teachers’ Association for teachers of class XI & XII on July 23’2012 at Darbari Lal DAV Model School, Pitampura. The workshop had two sessions. The first session was conducted by Mr. Sandeep Sethi (Education Officer, CBSE) and was attended by Ms. Ritu Lalwani (PGT Business Studies) and Ms. Sudhi Ailawadi (PGT Business Studies). The expert spoke about the newly introduced project work in Business studies for class XII. The second session was conducted by distinguished authors Dr(CA) G.S Grewal and MR. Rakesh Khosla which was attended by MS. Karuna Gupta (PGT ACCOUNTANCY) and MS. Preeti Grover (PGT ACCOUNTANCY). The session dealt with the revised schedule VI of the Companies Act, 1956 which would be applicable for 2013 examinations.

A Workshop on ‘Careers in Life Sciences’

A week long Summer Camp was organized for the students of Class IV to VI in the school from May 18, 2015 to May 21, 2015 by the teachers of the school .A plethora of activities were incorporated keeping in mind the interest of the learners. The activities like Meal Planning, Creative Science, Thread and Needle Work, Best Out of Waste, Leaders for Tomorrow, Water Colour Painting and Vocal Music saw an enthusiastic participation of the students who, with a lot of zeal and curiosity, learnt the intricacies related to various activities.The array of activities were aimed at the holistic development of the learners. The objective of “Leaders for Tomorrow” was to strengthen leadership qualities and develop team spirit among the students.The student indulged in learning to greet respectfully ,building a tomb with balloons ,bridge making etc.”Creative Science” helped to build-up scientific aptitude and provided an opportunity to perform science activities with fun.The culinary skills of the learners were enhanced in“ Meal Planning “while they indulged in preparing tempting and mouth–watering dishes like bhel-puri,stuffed golgappas,fruit cream,strawberry lemonade ,rainbow sticks etc.In Needle and Thread Work ,the students learnt different stitches , stitching the buttons and various embroidery patterns. “Best Out of Waste” encouraged the students to create decorative articles using eco-friendly waste material.The aspiring singers learnt how to sing melodiously and in rhythm in “Vocal Music activity”.The imaginative skills of the learners were improved upon when they mastered the art of painting using water colours in”Water–Colour Painting”. It surely was a platform for the learners to unravel their hidden talents. The culmination of the camp witnessed a magnificent display on May 21,2015. The Principal Mrs. Pratibha Kohli and the Vice-Principal Mrs. Simmi Bhatia appreciated and applauded the endeavors of the students for making the camp a great success.

A Workshop on ‘Careers in Life Sciences’

Date: Thursday,07-05-2015

Attented By : Class XI (Science)

Resource Person : Ms. Neha Sanan

- A workshop was organised in the school premises on ‘Careers in Life Science” by Ms Neha Sanan. The highlights of the programme were :  Various medical courses were listed.  Why biology subject has a secure and a successful future.  How to enhance one’s confidence in taking up Science as their stream choice.  Sharing of experiences.  Discussion about myths of medical field.  Questions related to the topic discussed. Goals of Workshop • To make students aware that medical science is not only for becoming doctors but for other concerned branches also (Biotechnology, viticulture, naturalist etc.). • To help students broaden their career choices in the same. • To make students know about different careers which are linked with the medical science. It is a good initiative taken up by Ms Neha Sanan to groom and assist the students in making them aware of all the courses and careers offered in medical field.

A Workshop on Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying

Date: 05 May ,2015 and 06 May, 2015

Attented By : Class VIII-X

Resource Person : Ms. Jyoti Sharma & Ms. Divya Chawla

Social media represents a new model of relationship for today’s generation, where global connection is the norm.  Young people have been born into a world of advanced technology, which is not only normal but an expected right. The right and ability to use technology manifests itself in a myriad of ways, far outstripping the uses of most adults, with young people communicating, socialising, networking and creating through, with, and because of, technology.  Students were made aware of above things by telling real facts and figures and prevention methods were also told

A Workshop on drama/Theatre by 'Third space organisation’

Date: Friday,08-May-2015

Venue :Maharaja Agrasen Model School

Subject matter:
A workshop was organised in the school premises by Mr.Neel, Mr. Udit and Mr. Arjun from "Third Space Organisation”. The highlights of the programme were :

  1. Students were told about the importance of drama in their life.
  2. A small enactment was presented by Mr.Neel and Mr.Arjun (The Resource people).
  3. Guided and encouraged students by plotting random scenes, voluntary enactment by students.
Goals of Workshop :-
  1. To help students know about their interests other than academics.
  2. To encourage students for participating in drama activities.
  3. To help students develop their creative skills.   

It is a great initiative taken by Third space Organisation and would help students develop skills in other activities like drama.

Workshop on strategies related to Board Exams

Date: 14 May 2015

Attented By : Class XII-C, XII-D, XII-E

Venue : Seminar Hall

Resource Person : Ms. Pratibha Kohli

The students of class XII-C and XII-D and XII E had a meeting with Principal Ma’am on 14/5/15 .It was a two-way conversation. The strategies related to board Examination were discussed. Also, every child was asked about his/her individual problems related to every subject.

Workshop on ‘Career Conselling ‘by HT Pace

Date: 05 May ,2015 and 07 May, 2015

Attented By : Class XI & XII Students

An orientation workshop was organised by Edu-Mentor based on career counselling. The highlights of the programme were : Corporate communications with Mr.Ashish Jain, Edumentor.

  • Detailed information about various new courses introduced in the commerce stream.
  • Introduction to IPM, a course initiated by IIM, Indore.
  • An example entrance test.

Goals of Workshop

  • Creating awareness among students for the new courses available in the commerce stream.
  • Making students familiar with the entrance test scenario by taking an immediate example entrance test.

It is a good initiative taken by Edumentor.