The Awakened Citizen Program

Date : January 24 and 25, 2017

Attended By : Ms.Kamna Gupta Ms.Vandana Sood

Venue : Ramakrishna Mission Ramakrishna Ashrama Marg,New Delhi

The two day training session, conducted by the Ramakrishna mission, gave an introduction to the program material and also provides an insight into effective facilitation practices. The program is based on the powerful message of infinite potential in every individual which can be manifested as excellence in every walk of life. The aim of the program is to empower students and help them develop as enlightened citizens.The emphasis is on bringing about a transformation from within rather than giving the children a set of do's and dont's that they are expected to conform to. The training session was well organized and very interactive.The resource persons explained the practices very effectively and were very helpful.

Workshop on Higher Order Experimental Skills,

Date : Dec.13, 2016, (Tuesday)

Attended By : Rakesh Bhardwaj 1. Shubham Karwal (11B) 2. Prateek Bansal (11B)

Venue : SGTB Khalsa college, DU

Two school children from our school, MAMS and a PGT-Physics teacher (myself) participated, in three days training workshop on Dec. (14-16) in Physics Dept. SGTB Khalsa College. This workshop accommodated maximum of 10 schools from Delhi & NCR region. Teachers were exposed to higher order experiments and also to marking schemes that assessed the multidimensional skills required for experiments with base to APhO - IAPT examination on their children’s performance.
The idea was to create a resource team and spread the idea so that at a later date, recommendations can be made to CBSE etc.
Two children picked up from class 11 (Science section), namely as follows
1. Shubham Karwal (11B)
2. Prateek Bansal (11B)
We daily departed from the school by 8.45 am to Physics Dept. SGTB Khalsa College, located at the North Corner of Delhi University North Campus (Main Campus), and returned by 4.00 pm in the evening.
For children of class std.11, the concepts and the working apparatus were new and with higher order thinking skill and totally with unforeseen environmental conditions. But, children performed the experiments with exuberant enthusiasm with the guided support of teacher, in their team. They could also develop on their experimental skill and enhance on their learnings, scientifically. They found experiment good enough to carry investigatory projects in class 12 CBSE curriculum. Hospitality was provided with tea at 11.00am and buffet lunch at 1.30 pm by the host Department of physics, each day.
There shall have a maximum of 10 groups. Each group shall have one PGT teacher and two motivated class XI students. It shall be a three day workshop 14, 15, 16 Dec. Considering Delhi winter we shall start at 10 AM and finish at 3.30 PM. From 10AM to 1 PM. there shall be hands on experimental session. From 2 PM to 2.45 PM we shall ask the teachers to mark their students as per the marking scheme. from 2.45 to 3.30 PM there will be discussion with a resource person on the experiment and marking scheme. We shall have five resource teams. Each resource person shall control two experiments.

Teachers shall be handpicked and shall be exposed to these higher order experiments and also to marking schemes that assess the multidimensional skills required for experiments. The idea is to create a resource team and spread the idea so that at a later date recommendations can be made to CBSE etc.
Resource Team: Prof. M.L.Ogalapurkar Expt.1 and Expt.7
Prof. J. Gadre Expt.2 and Expt.3
DrBhupati Chakraborty Expt.9 and Expt.10
Dr. Deepak Chandra Expt.5 and Expt.6
Dr. Ravi S. Bhattacharjee Expt.4 and Expt.8
Observers : Mr.R.S.Dass, Prof. Oum Sharma

Workshop on Development of Mobile apps for National Repository of Open Educational Resources

Date : 19th and 20th January 2017

Attended By : Ms Chandni Aggarwal

Venue : NCERT Campus

Mrs. Chandni Agarwal (PGT Computer Science) participated in the two days workshop on development of Mobile apps for National Repository of Open Educational Resources. The workshop focused on the new version of e-Pathshala app and improvement of NROER portal. The discussion held in workshop was enriching and broaden our horizon about app development.

Workshop on Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the World

  • Compudon
  • Compudon

Date : 14th and 15th January 2017

Attended By : Ms Chandni Agarwal

Venue : NSIT, Dwarka

Mrs. Chandni Agarwal(PGT Computer Science ) attended a two days workshop on Sensing and controlling the world using physical computing from 14 th January to 15 th January 2017 at NSIT campus. This workshop was organized by Google and NSIT. The Resource persons Prof. Gadre and Prof. M.S. Bhatia enlightened the computer science teachers with their enriched knowledge and experience. The use of Raspberry PI and Microcontroller was shown in the workshop. It was indeed a nice learning experience in the world of sensors. Chandni Agarwal


Date : DECEMBER 2, 2016



AGENDA : The Sixth edition of the conference focussed on publishing for schools and young learners. It mainly dealt with co-ordination among teachers , publishers ,content providers, etc. in developing new teaching methodologies, curriculum design, content and use of modern technology in publishing content for schools and for children. The keynote address was by Prof. Krishna Kumar, renowned educationist and former Director, NCERT. He said that for writing books for students, a team of authors or a range of consultants is important.  Good textbooks must lead to a rich experience of reading habits.  Also, private publishers should look for genuine academia for content writing for schools.  The first session was chaired by Ms. Atishi Marlena, Advisor to Deputy CM, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.  She focused on the fact that publishing for children should be more than business enterprise; rather it should be considered as investment for children.  The next session was dealt with technology in school education.  Teaching can be made more interesting and lively by using digital platforms in the classrooms.  The technological companies shared some of their content.  The audience was informed about how publishing has contributed to the development of Indian education and the need for clarity in copyright rules about the fair use of content for education and research.  Overall, the session was useful and made the audience aware about the importance of proper content and technology in relevance to school education. Conclusion : We were exposed to some new innovative technologies in the publishing and designing world which will make learning very interesting. But we have to take a balanced approach in using technology along with the traditional methods.

Legal Literacy for students

Date : November 18, 2016

Attended By : For class XI -C,D & XII- C, D

Venue : Maharaja Agrasen Model School

A workshop was organised in the school premises on ‘ Legal Literacy for students’by Shri Sushil Anuj Tyagi, Ld. Secretary, DLSA, North West District Rohini Courts. Highlights of the programme were :

  • The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act 2012 is applicable to the whole of India. The POCSO Act 2012 defines a child as any person below the age of 18 years and provides protection to all children under the age of 18 years from sexual abuse  It is now mandatory for police to register an FIR in all cases of child abuse.
  • A child's statement can be recorded even at the child's residence or a place of his choice and should be preferably done by a female police officer not below the rank of sub-inspector.
  • The recent decision of the cabinet in a bill to reduce the age of consent for sex to 16 years will mean that the protection given under this law to protect children from sexual crimes will be restricted to the children who are 16 years of age.
  • Also Explained about the bad and the good touch.
  • Also explained traffic rules.
It is a good initiative taken up by DSLA to create awareness child rights among children.

“Interactive Engaging”

Date : November 16, 2016

Attended By : Ms. Bhawna Mendhiratta

Venue : Tecnia Auditorium.

A workshop on “Interactive Engaging” from E3 Edusolutions for Pre Primary teachers was organised on November 16, 2016 at Tecnia Auditorium. The 3 resource persons Ms. Vaishali, Ms. Pragya and Ms. Tanu took up the session simultaneously. They laid emphasis on E3 (Enrich, Enlight and Empower) for the development of the children. They brought up a range of education solutions to provide outcome based and sustainable learning for young minds. They encouraged the teachers to follow integrated approach to bring about the positive change in the teaching learning process, also delivering quality holistic education. They also showcased the books set specially designed keeping in mind the importance of the formative years of a child’s development. Overall the workshop was informative and interesting.


Date : OCTOBER 27, 2016.

Participating Teams And Guide Teacher: Junior Team-Prachi Garg(VIII C), Rishabh Gupta(VIII C), Khushi Garg(VIII C),Jeevanshu Goel(VIII C),Samarth Jindal(IX D) And Guide Teacher Ms Preeti Gupta.


Different schools selected at the zonal level participated in the event and their respective teams gave a presentation on the project they worked on and its relevance .This was judged by a team of jury members and was followed by a question round. The team members of our school team further worked on malnutrition and how biofortification of our crops can solve the problem of hidden hunger.The students visited the nearby dispensary to find out more about malnutrition and how nutrient supplements are provided to children of the economically backward section of the society to solve this problemThe team leader Prachi Garg (VIII C) along with Rishabh Gupta(VIII C) supported their research through charts and PPT.


Date : October 06, 2016

Attended By : Ms Vandna Sood and Ms. Kamlesh

Time : 9:30 a.m.

Venue : Dogra Hall Auditorium, IIT, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

The programme was inaugurated by Shri Alok Kumar Verma, Commissioner of Police, Delhi. The programme aims at spreading awareness amongst students regarding road safety. During the campaign the officers will visit the Delhi Schools during assembly session and educate students about road safety, traffic rules and other mandatory steps to be followed on roads to avoid accidents. The programme also plans to engage students in different competitions such as road safety quiz, slogan writing and drawing.


Date : September 27,2016

Attended By : Ms Anjuli Gupta (PRT) and Ms Nisha Gupta(PRT)

Venue : KIIT World School, Pitampura

A workshop on Hindi Bhasha, Lipi and Vartani was attended by Ms Anjuli Gupta (PRT) and Ms Nisha Gupta (PRT) at KIIT World School, Pitampura on September 27,2016 which was organized by the World Institute Of Nagari Sciences. The resource persons were Prof. Harimohan Sharma, Head of the Department of Hindi, Delhi University, Dr. Krishan Goswami, Director of World Institute of Nagari Sciences and Dr.Baldev Raj Kamrah, President of World Institute of Nagri Sciences. They elucidated on the aforesaid topic. They are working for the development of Devnagri Script. Dr. Krishan Goswami dealt vividly with the spelling (Matras). In their talk,they mentioned the existence of Hindi as a standardized language. It was a good learning experience.


Date : September 19,2016

Attended By : Ms Deepa Chawla

The Times of India organized its annual meet for teacher coordinators at Kidzania, Noida .Kidzania is an educational theme park meant to guide and empower children. All the teacher coordinators received a warm welcome at the venue. They were offered breakfast and were invited to participate in various innovative activities. Some relaxing services like nail art, medical checkup were provided to them. The stage show organized by The Times of India enabled teachers to participate in yoga exercises, fun filled contests and games in which many of them won some gift hampers and prizes.

Worshop on School Assessment and Accreditation

Date : September 8, 2016

Attended By : Ms Chandni Aggarwal

Resource Person : Ms. Rupam Shah

Venue : Maxfort School, Rohini, Delhi

Mrs. Chandni Agarwal (PGT – Computer Science ) attended an interactive session on stepping to accreditation which was held at MAXFORT, Rohini. The speaker Ms. Rupam Shah from Quality Education Asia, addressed the audience on SQAA rules. Teachers were guided towards the process of accreditation through the group activities.

Workshop on Education in the 4th Industrial Age

Date : August 20, 2016

Attended By : Ms Jyoti Sharma and Mr Rakesh Bhardwaj

Resource Person : Dr. M.M. Pant

Organised By : NPSC

Venue : Ramjas School, R.K. Puram, DELHI

The workshop was organised for teachers to enhance the teaching learning process in the Industrial Age. It started with introductory speech followed by the discussions on the following topics:

  • Learning Strategies
  • New age skill set
  • Valued Skills
  • How to assess the learning?
  • Top 10 skills required in year 2020.
The workshop was quite informative & interactive. Overall it was an enriching session.


Date : Friday, 05-08- 2016

Students participating : Classes X and XI

Topic Mount and layer grafting on Aedinium sps

Resource Person : Shri S.L Gupta Ji

Venue : M.A.M.S Terrace garden

An interactive workshop on grafting was held at Maharaja Agrasen Model School (Terrace garden) under the guidance of Shri S.L. Gupta Ji– honorable management member of Sri Agrasen Educational Society .The members of staff got an opportunity to learn the technique and practice it by grafting on Aedinium sps. The scion(graft)was taken from exotic varieties of Aedinium sps and placed on local varieties of Aedinium.The workshop was very informative and provided great hands on learning experience to the teachers as they got acquainted with a practical, useful method of growing plants with desirable characteristics in much shorter span of time

QEA(Quality Education Asia) Workshop

Date : August 4, 2016

Ms. Neelam Pahuja and Ms. Vasudha Gupta

Resource Person : Mr. Nitin and Mr Nishant

Venue : N.K.Bagrodia Public School

A session was attended at N K Bagrodia Public School on “Stress Management”. The main objectives of the program were:

  • To introduce the concept of “ Stress”
  • To explain the causes of stress
  • Stress among teachers and students
  • Self-Stress assessment
  • How to create a relaxing environment

The session ended with a laughter therapy which relaxed everybody attending the workshop. Certain remedies to reduce stress given in the end of the programme were:

  • Prioritising the work
  • Yoga and Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Laughter Therapy

Workshop on Creating a better world through Social Science Classroom

Date : August 6, 2016

Ms Simple Sharma and Ms Tanuja Sahu

Resource Person : Mr. Rajesh Awasthi


Ms Simple Sharma and Ms Tanuja Sahu attended a workshop on ‘Creating a better through Social Science classroom’. The workshop was organised for Social Science teachers to enhance the teaching learning process in Social Science. It started with introductory speech followed by the discussion on the following topics:  What is Social Science ?
 Objectives of Social Science.
 Problem based approach.
 How to assess the learning?
 Relevance of learning Social Science.
 Inter-disciplinary learning.
The workshop was quite informative & interactive.

Enhancing Speaking and Writing Skills

Date : July 27, 2016

Attented By : 11-A,B,C,D,E

Organized by : MAMS

Venue : Seminar Hall

A workshop was organised in the school premises on ‘Enhancing speaking & writing skills’ by Ms Prapalika Barua.The resource person Ms Prapalika Barua. Highlights of the programme were :

  • Enhancement of speaking skills
  • How to speak fearlessly & connect with others
  • How to present your views
  • Sharing of thoughts
  • Sharing of Personal experience
  • How to write properly & presenting your views
  • How to clear ISI exam
  • Question asking session.
Goals of Workshop
  • To Enhance students in speaking & learning skills.
  • To help students overcome the problems faced during speaking English.


Date : 26th and 27th of July,2016

Attented By : Ms. CHETNA SHARMA

Organized by : Central Board Of Secondary Education.

Resource People : Mrs. REMA ALEX DANIEL and Mr. C.B.MISHRA


The workshop was about assessing the school children on different parameters of all the Co- scholastic areas. It guided the participants to understand how to assess the children for the Co-scholastic areas while doing the Scholastic activities. During the sessions, the resource people discussed about the problems teachers face in assessing the Co-scholastic areas of the CCE. Various tools were discussed for the assessment of role play, debate and inter-disciplinary activities. It was really a good learning experience about how the individual and group activities can make the assessment of the co-scholastic activities easier.It was an interactive and informative workshop.


Workshop on Social Science was held on 27/07/16 to 28/07/16 at NC JINDAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-110026 by Mr. M.L. Sawhney which was organized by the CBSE on the Topic Capacity Building Programme Challenging Areas in Social Science from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. It was attended by Mr. S.N. Tiwari.

Workshop on Cyber Security & Ethics

Date : July 26, 2016

Attented By : X & XI classes.

Organized by : MAMS

Venue : Seminar Hall

Maharaja Agrasen Model School, C.D Block Pitampura conducted a workshop on “Cyber Security and Ethics” on 25th July, 2016 for classes X and XI. The resource person, Kshitiz Adhlakha, informed students about the hazards of social media. The workshop made students aware of techniques and features that could help them to be more secure in the computer networking world. The main objective of this workshop was to make the students aware about the cyber laws and security for which different videos were shown to them. The session was very interactive and enhanced their knowledge about the safety on internet.

workshop on Problems in Teaching Economics

Date : July 23, 2016

Resource Person : MR. J.P.GOEL

Attended by : Ms Rekha Sharma and Ms Sonia Khosla


Ms Rekha Sharma and Ms Sonia Khosla attended a workshop on Problems in Teaching Economics and Attempting HOTS Questions. The workshop was conducted in two sessions:

1. Micro Economics
2. Macro Economics

Mr Goel clarified some important concepts in micro and macro economics. He gave a few examples of HOTS Questions from board examination point of view. An interactive session was also held to take up individual queries. Overall it was an enriching session.

Navitas Orientation Programme For Foreign Education

Date : July 15, 2016

Attended by : Muskan Wadhwa 11 E
                         Kanika Bindal 11 E
                         Nikhil Dhull 11 D
                         Mayank Girdhar 11 A

Venue : Vishal Bharti Public School, Delhi

A workshop was organised in Vishal Bharti Public school on ‘Foreign education’ by Quality education Asia . Highlights of the programme were :

  • Scope of various streams.
  • Points to remember while choosing different streams.
  • Disadvantage & advantage of going abroad to study Where to go for foreign studies
  • ow to enhance one’s life with the right career.
  • Sharing of experiences.
  • Discussion about ‘Different career options’.
  • Questions related to the topic discussed.
  • Entrance tests
  • Colleges for future education
Goals of Workshop
  • To help students avoid taking wrong stream.
  • To help students overcome the problems faced during selecting the stream.
  • To make students aware of their goals and help them achieve these goals.

Orientation Program for class XI

Date : July 4-5, 2016

Attented By : Class XI Students

Organized by : MAMS

Venue : Seminar Hall

An orientation program was organized for the parents and students of class XI on July 4 -5 , 2016. The orientation program commenced with valuable suggestions on effective parenting by principal madam. She emphasized on punctuality, regularity, discipline and time management.
. The teachers were introduced to the parents. The promotion criteria was also brought into their notice. The parents of both the streams felt enlightened and appreciated the efforts of the school.
The orientation program was a realization of the school- parent connect and how this vital connect can bridge the gap as well as help the parents to enter into the teen world. The suggestions given by the Principal not only decimated doubts of the parents and students. They also had one to one interaction with the Principal and different subject teachers.

Workshop on Computational Thinking

Date : June 20, 2016

Attented By : Mrs. Chandni Agarwal (PGT Comp.Sc.)

Organized by :ACM, TCS and Google

Venue : Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram

Mrs. Chandni Agarwal (PGT Comp.Sc.) attended a Workshop on Computational Thinking and Computer Science Curriclum at DPS R.K.Puram. This workshop was organised for computeerscience teachers to enhance computational thinking among students by Goorle and TCS.

Workshop on Cyber security and managing online International projects

Date : June 11, 2016

Attented By : Mrs. Chandni Agarwal (PGT Comp.Sc.)

Organized by :EPENTEST

Venue : Mount Abu School Rohini, Delhi

Mrs. Chandni Agarwal (PGT Comp.Sc.) attended a Workshop on Cyber security and managing online International projects.The workshop was conducted by EPENTEST at Mount Abu School Rohini on 11 June 2016. The speaker Mr Kshitiz addressed the audience on the topic Cyber Security. He expressed his interest in Free Lancing in this field of technology .

Workshop on ‘Prevention against Malaria, Dengue and Chikunguniya’

Date : April 28, 2016

Attented By : Neha Vij (PGT Biology)

Organized by : Ministry of Health, Rohini Zone New Delhi

Venue : MCD Primary School, Sector 7, Rohini, Delhi

North Delhi Municipal Corporation(Anti Malarial Operations), Rohini Zone organized a seminar on ‘Prevention against Malaria, Dengue and Chikunguniya’ on , 28-04- 2016. It is an initiative taken by Government of India to improve the general health of mass all over Delhi. Neha Vij ( PGT Biology) attended this training programme as Nodal Teacher. An orientation programme will was conducted for all government and private school teachers emphasizing the preventive measure to be taken against Dengue epidemic in the city during the months of July to October. The key roles of nodal teachers were defined and main highlight of this seminar was to make community aware about the cause, effects of the disease and protection against the disease. The training started at 9:30 A.M and ended at 1:15 P.M. It is a good initiative taken by Government of India to sensitize masses and help them to reduce dengue cases in New Delhi.

Workshop on 'Performance Management of School Staff and Students’

Date : April 26, 2016

Organized by : Quality Education Asia (QEA)

Resource Person : Mr. Martin Marthews and Mr. Lokesh Kumar

Venue : KIIT World School, Pitampura, Delhi

The workshop was conducted by Quality Education Asia wherein a team of committed professionals arrived to facilitate educators and learners in imparting and achieving the best in education. The team comprised of professional trainers, master trainers from around the globe, stalwarts from the field of education, practicing leaders and educationists with a mission to bring a dynamic change in our present education system. They provided examples of technological solutions that support effective Performance Management. The training also supported fellow senior leaders in how to track and monitor the performance of staff effectively. Challenge, motivate, support, empower and develop the staff members. Leaders can also ensure an effective data usage by staff members to communicate their teaching and learning plausand many more.

Workshop on “The Reflective Teacher”

Date : April 21, 2016

Attented By : Ms Daisy Garg.

Organized by : Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura, Delhi

Venue : Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura, Delhi

  • Bal Bharti Public School (BBPS) organized a Workshop on 21 st April,2016 atits Pitampura branch,New Delhi.
  • From MAMS,the representation was made by Ms Daisy Garg and Mrs Vibha Ahuja.
  • The Workshop’s theme was- Action Research: “The Reflective Teacher”
  • The synopsis of workshop is as follow:
    1. Workshop was lectured by the eminent educationist Dr. Neeraja
    2. The whole session was divided in four parts.
    3. First part started with an introductory speech and PPT Raghavan presentation and film on Action Research followed by discussion: What is Action Research?
      • Identification of Problem-Listing out one important problem the teacher is facing.
      • Analysis of Problem-To find out the root cause of the problem.
      • Identification of alternative approaches-To identify alternative approaches and approach the problem with best solution.
      • Developing strategy to implement identified approach- Develop a plan to implement the strategy.What and how will the teacher do? What resources would be required to implement the approach and in what time?
      • Implementation of identified approach-Implementing the approach as per the plan.Doing changes as and when needed.Challenges faced by the teacher during teaching- learning for same problem.
      • Reflection of Teacher on the processes i.e.(Reflection by teacher on his/her practice and Reflection of facilitator on teacher practice.)-How effective was the process and the insights gained from the entire plan.What was the key learning from this action research?

      In short AR(Action research) is:
      Plan -----> Act -----> Observe -----> Reflect

    4. Session two dwelled upon four case studies.The idea was to give a better understanding on What is not Action Research?
    5. Session third formed teachers in 7 groups and each group were to identify a set of problems and think of ways of conducting Action Research.
    6. Session fourth took up a case study on how to inculcate the value of self discipline in students of Senior secondary classes.

The Workshop apart from being informative,touch based the importance of Action Research concept with the main idea to bring favourable changes in the performance of students.

Workshop on  career prospects in UK.

Date : 18th April 2016

Attented By : All the 12th standard students.

Organized by : SI UK education council

Venue : MAMS

A workshop by SI UK education council was conducted on 18th April 2016 for all the 12th standard students. It was a half an hour workshop wherein students were given information regarding the application procedure, the documents required, the services that they provide and a lot more.Students were also guided regarding the english proficiency exam that one has to clear for admission in any foreign university and how to prepare for the test. The list of universities and the courses they offer were also discussed. Services regarding visa procedure and visa guidance was also provided. The students were given brocures so that they can contact the organization for further details and get in touch with them if interested.


Date : April 16, 2016

Attented By : Ms PREETI GUPTA

Organized by : Central Board Of Secondary Education.

Resource Person : Mrs. KAMAL PREET AND Mr. C.P MISHRA


Life skills are the abilities, capacities and competencies of an individual which are important for a successful and productive life. They enable an individual to have a flexible approach and to be able to adjust and look forward even during the challenging situations in life. With this aim the workshop highlighted the need and importance of the ten core life skills for learners which are self awareness, empathy, critical and creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, interpersonal skills, effective communication, managing emotions and coping with stress. These life skills can be imparted through a number of curricular and co curricular activities. The workshop emphasized the tools that can be used to impart them like role play, songs, miming, debates, dramatization etc and the integrated, inter disciplinary and collaborative approach that should be followed to assess them. The workshop was indeed a learning experience for me as I could better understand these life skills through the individual and group activities that were carried out during the course of the workshop.

Workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Gender Sensitivity in Schools

Date : April 13, 2016

Attented By : Tanuja Sahu (TGT Social Science )

Organized by : Central Board Of Secondary Education.

Venue : Maxfort School, Sec – 7, Dwarka-110075

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Renu Mallavya . It focussed on - 

  • Role of power in gender relationships
  • General practices for promoting gender sensitivity.
  • Reconsidering classroom dynamics.
  • Gender mainstreaming.
The workshop was very informative, interactive and provided a good learning experience for me.

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