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MAMS - Maharaja Agrasen Model School

A place where learning becomes a fun filled quest for knowledge. MAMS is an innovative and creative premier institute located in the heart of North Delhi which is undoubtedly one of the best establishments. We believe that education should be blithesome and an enlivening experience. Our philosophy is that each child is unique and has his own strengths and fixity of purpose. A lot of emphasis is given to personality development and each child is lovingly mentored and chiseled to find his/her niche here. Our focus is to groom our children to be global citizens with regard to Indian culture and values. We have sincere, committed and loving mentors who are fellow travellers in every child's wondrous journey of learning. Our teachers are facilitators who are flexible enough to learn along with the younglings under their care and at the same time they augur well each child to raise his/her expectations and fervent hopes. They edify children to think for themselves rather than being passive listeners . Above all there is bonding of mutual love and respect between the teacher and the taught that creates magic in the class room.