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Our Mission & Vision

The motto of our school is a prayer from the depth of the heart eulogizing the Almighty to take us from 'asat' to 'sat' i.e. from the untruth to the truth. It is a prayer that leads one from darkness to light and brings one closer to God. As Mamsians, we grow up with a belief that God is one and omnipresent.

Our mission

'Clean Campus, Green Campus' : By the next three years, the school will sensitise the community for maintaining clean and green surroundings and create environment awareness among all stakeholders

  • To impart holistic education for life-long learning
  • To inculcate honesty and intellectual integrity
  • To nurture empathetic and compassionate learners with values of brotherhood and humanity
  • To train the students to respect the cultural and traditional values
  • To foster patriotism
  • To make environment sensitive citizens who care for the planet