clubs and skills


Heritage is the beauty and charm of any country.The different monuments, cultures, diversities etc. all combined to form heritage of a country. The “Heritage Club” at Maharaja Agrasen Model School honours the prestigious heritage of our nation. It edifies the students about the rich heritage of our country and expounds them to keep it clean and nurture it. Students are inculcated with amazing facts about our heritage. The students are also encouraged to come up with innovative ways to treasure and safeguard the country’s heritage. It is very important to preserve the country’s heritage which is the reflection of a nation in front of the world and this Club tutors the students about the same.

A human being possesses emotions which makes him different from all other species and supplements his beauty. The ‘Dramatics Club ‘accomplishes the task of tapping and showcasing the hidden emotions of children through different characters which they enact. The club embraces the characters from the past, present and future thus enlivening the human persona. Here, dramas are written, roles are assigned to students who perform them valorously. It also instigates other students to exhibit their adroitness of theatre immaculately. It can bring smiles on faces, tears in some eyes , anger on other faces whereas reality in many minds .The Drama Club encaptured everyone when the students staged a Nukkad Natak on the topic –‘Anti Corruption’. Various class and special assemblies feature breathtaking skits that herald different social values. The budding actors from the junior wing exhibited their amazing performance in the place presented by them.

The notion of health and nutrition in this club is conceived to cover the following major components viz. medical care, hygienic school environment, health and physical education. These components are important for the overall development of the child. Thus it aims to focus on various aspects of growth like puberty, physical fitness and right food and nutrition to generate positive energy in children.

The "Literary Club" aims at equipping students with the art and style of expressing oneself vividly and eloquently. Writing skills of the students, having a flair for penning down, are donned with utmost care, keeping in mind the level of creativity and imagination each child possesses. Adhering to the underlined objective, grooming of students takes place so as to enhance their self confidence and trust in themselves.

The main purpose of Eco Club is to develop School as the most environmentally friendly school in the city, to educate students about environmental issues, to raise awareness amongst students and community, to empower Eco Club members and lend their hands in various social activities, and to develop the personal qualities of Eco Club members.

List of activities taken

  • Educate students to create awareness amongst public and sanitary workers, so as to stop the indiscriminate burning of waste which causes respiratory diseases.
  • Motivate the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees.
  • Promote ethos of conservation of water by minimizing the use of water.
  • Motivate students to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation, source separation of waste and disposing the waste to the nearest storage point.
  • Sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic bags, not to throw them in public places as they choke drains and sewers, cause water logging and provide breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Organize tree plantation programmes, awareness programmes such as Quiz, essay, painting competitions, rallys, nukkad natak etc. regarding various environmental issues and educate children about re-use of waste material & preparation of products out of waste.

Information and Communication Technology has permeated in every walk of life making it indispensable in fields such teaching-learning, managing businesses across the globe and also enabling social networking. In this regard Creative Computing Club at MAMS(C3@mams) always strives to search for innovative applications. The main objective of this club is to give full awareness and create interest among students about ICT. The club organizes plethora of events such as Inter-Class Competitions, Workshops.

It is designed to inculcate scientific skills and :

  • Spark participant’s interest in science and technology.
  • Provide a supportive learning environment.
  • Demonstrate that Science and technology are fun.
  • Build an awareness of the variety of opportunities in Science.
  • Give an opportunity to the students to display their talent.

Music is invigorating and soulful. It does not just to please our aural senses but also break the monotony of life rejuvenating the dying spirit. The Music Club functions on the belief of treasuring and transmitting the beauty and charm of Indian classical and folk music amongst the children having a great dedication and passion to master the art.Tapping feet and moving hands express one ‘s delight and ecstasy. Dance is a series of various steps synchronized together. One may or may not know dancing but surely gets his way through merriment and elation because dance is not just about performing the best, it is to feel the best. Our school trains the students to perform on the stage with grace and zest. Our efforts are to make the trainees excel in this particular stream in every possible way.Our school has made it sure that the students get the required training regarding their interest and passion as it is rightly said that “Our passion certainly be our profession.”

A caricature is a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness. It is a skill required for delineating the piece of art so that the viewers are able to interpret and connect it to the actual being . It is an art of perfection where the artist needs to be ameliorated at his hand and perception. The students of the school are blessed with such a club providing them the knowledge of caricature. Our able facilitators guide the students well during the Caricature Club and put in all their endeavours to make their students the top-notch caricaturists. The students are taught thee different forms of caricature from which they gain a lot of knowledge and experience.

It is proud to say that our school has remarkable little caricaturists who bring laurels to our institution.

Trust is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity within the market place, as new business are popping up everyday. Certain business that partake in false advertising and unfair business practices attempt to exploit uninformed purchaser. This is the plight of our consumers in the society. To highlight this adversity in the present day scenario, our school has introduced Consumer Awareness Club where the students are made aware about ill practices followed by the business class just to earn more than the usual. The students here are made conscientious about the mal strategies of the sellers and its consequences that the consumer has to bear. Identification of adulteration in food, checking of ingredients and conduction of surveys are some activities undertaken by the members of this club.

Exclusive for commerce students,the commerce club is one such place,whereby enhancing the commercial aspects of their minds , the students wish to change not only their fate but also be the benefactors of the county by participating in various interactive sessions. Various activities like Poster Making Competition, Design The Label, Quiz , Slogan Writing Competitions are organized round the year to create awareness amongst the gen-x.

Under the guidance and surveillance of the facilitators, the students satisfy their acute thirst of knowledge wise content urge to know, assimilate and cross link information drives them to this club where they are provided with a heady mixture of information flavoured with fun. This club will develop confidence and speaking skills of the young MAMSians. The students will be encuraged to read Competition Success Review which will open a gateway to the various competitive exams. It amis to develop good quizzers who will further take part in inter and intra school quiz competitions.

Integrity Club is a Pilot Initiative to Rekindle Values in the School Children. The members identified as Young Champions of Ethics aim to propogate Human Values in their families , neighbourhood, school community & society at large to strengthen value based culture in the country. Children learn distinct values playfully as a game & become Champions of Ethics by developing their ethical muscles through regular practice in their real life. Various activities are planned throughout the year that include Annual Camps & Value Excursions.

Values are essential for positive human behavior. It is rightly said “what we do: kids give”. The main purpose of UNESCO club is to make the children understand the basic aim of United Nations “Security, Welfare and Human rights”. Some of activities that are taken up are as follows –

  • Observing important days
  • Conducting Special Assemblies
  • Organizing Campaigns
  • Jewellery Designing
  • Making Poster/Book mark
  • Power Point Presentations etc.