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COUNSELLING is an interactive process characterized by a unique relationship between counsellor and the client that leads to a change in the client in one or more of these areas :-

  1. Behaviour (decision making, relationship skills etc.)
  2. Belief (thinking, attitudes etc.)
  3. Level of emotional distress (comfort level, reaction to stress)

A counsellor in the school assists students to help themselves in all domains of their life -academic, emotional, personality development, interpersonal relationships, choice of subject and career. Our school counsellor plans their educational, vocational and personal futures. Thus a counsellor touches lives of all students. The functions of a school counsellor can be enumerated as follows -

  • Orientation of new students
  • Students Appraisal
  • Educational and Occupational information
  • Counselling
  • Research and evaluation>

Some areas of difficulty and their probable ways of handling, are discussed periodically. The solutions are then put forward and hence we try and bring about changes in the child's perspective boosting his morale.

Do remember that successful counselling of children largely depends on parental relationship and support. A full time counsellor/special educator is available in the school on all working days during working hours by prior appointment.