Maharaja Agrasen Model School,CD Block Pitampura, Delhi was recently accredited with the prestigious INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD 2015-18 for OUTSTANDING DEVELOPMENT OF THE INTERNATIONAL DIMENSION IN THE CURRICULUM by the British Council, UK. Madam Pratibha Kohli,Principal MAMS and Ms.Yogita Rajput,ISA coordinator were honoured with a trophy and certificate on July 8,2015 at Kempinski Ambience Hotel, Delhi amongst the learned faculty from various elite schools of Delhi. MAMS was appreciated for its contribution in embracing and supporting the concept of Global village in the school curriculum and connecting classrooms in the global educational programme .During the session 2014-15, MAMS successfully developed links with schools from China, Qatar and Germany which helped the young children to learn about global themes and become responsible global citizens. Our journey to ISA has been extremely gratifying and enriching which enabled us to explore the teaching-learning patterns of other countries and incorporate the same in our approach and technique of imparting tutelage to our bourgeoning Mamsians. The multifarious tasks undertaken during the session provided the sophomores buoyant and enjoyable opportunities which metamorphosed the teaching –learning experience also giving us a chance to peep into the vast culture of other countries we were connected to along with professional development and a chance to share best practices with international counterparts.

As part of ISA project undertaken by MAMS, an array of activities was conducted throughout the year for Pre Primary children to acquaint them with the culture and tradition of various countries around the world. Under the theme of Kingdom of Dolls various activities were organized like Doll making, Trip to the Doll's Museum, enactment of an International Doll at "Zenith" (Inter school event) and Power Point Presentations. The pre schoolers embraced this opportunity and participated whole heartedly. The activities not only enlightened them about lifestyles of different countries but also gave them an international perspective.

As a part of the ISA Project under the aegis of the British Council, the German department of Maharaja Agrasen Model School, CD Block, Pitam Pura, Delhi 110034 hosted the Oktoberfest on October 16, 2014 to incorporate the multicultural aspect in the school curriculum. We, at MAMS believe that globalization in education paves a way to prosperity, growth and harmony among nations and make available to pupils an opportunity to add on to their knowledge about the distinguished entities existing on the world map. We emphatically endorse that learning does not happen in desolation but in alliance and confederation which is pleasurable and reciprocating. The school vicinity witnessed enthusiastic smiles to welcome Ms Jagriti Buddhiraja and Ms Mylene from Max Mueller Bhavan as the Guests of Honour. The gala event included Power Point Presentation which highlighted the variations in the climatic conditions of different states of Germany, their staple diet and phenomenal cultural exuberance. Recitation of a beautiful poem in German language on nature written by Johann Ludwig Tieck touched all hearts with its rhyme and imagery whereas a German Skit based on Red Riding Hood by Brothers Grimm mesmerized the audience with its excellent directorial expertise. A colorful, rhythmic bonanza in the form of Gujarati Dance made the event a memorable one. The students also worked on display boards and showed self created sketches and portraits of German authors and their work in addition to the depiction of monuments and festivals. They brought into limelight the importance of "Oktoberfest" which demarcates the reunion of East and West Germany. The Oktoberfest at MAMS provided a platform to display the talents of students learning German language. The colors of celebrations and wonderful performances made the event a grand success. Words of thanks presented by the distinguished guests and Principal Ma'am, Ms Pratibha Kohli encouraged the children.

On the occasion of the World Food Day and as a part of the scheduled ISA project with the theme , "Catalyst of Change : Food and Maladies", a plethora of activities were conducted in the month of October . With the slogan, " Think , eat and save ", a group , "Food Savior" was formed to encourage and sensitize other students about the dire need of saving food and about avoiding its wastage in every form . "Food Savior" motivated the children to forge ahead and contribute benevolently for the noble cause of helping the poor and the hungry . The project included activities like poster making , slogan writing , awareness campaigns , PPT presentations and donation campaign .The project helped children of classes 4 and 5 to be a catalyst of change by creating awareness about food and hunger across the world on the eve of the International Food Day and support remedial measures to assist in the elimination of the problem of the scarcity of food which is a global issue.

The activity - A Quiz was carried out by students of Class VIII on 22 August -2014 under the guidance of Ms. Hiteshi kumar and Ms. Simple Sharma. The topic "Japan Quiz O Mania" provided complete information on art, tradition, costumes, festivals, music and dance forms of Japan. It increased general awareness amongst the students in a play-way method. It helped to improve their competitive spirit and time management skills. Out of the four teams namely-Team Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka and Sendai, Team Sendai ( Neha Choudhary, Harshit Gupta, Gourang Vyas ) won the competition. Our students felt very vibrant and engaged during the activity. Students dressed up in Japanese outfit complemented the situation. The activity was highly interesting and fun-filled and gave the budding Mamsians a chance to peep into the art and culture of Japan and learn beyond the textbooks.

Date : November 21 and 22 , 2019.

Maharaja Agrasen Model School instils in its children the attributes like perseverance, integrity of character , diligence , moral & ethical potency that adorns one's personality admiringly, leaving its indelible imprints on the boundless recollections of an individual. The institution distinctively emphasizes upon the holistic growth of its children with the focus to produce globally aware citizens who would contribute effectively to the Indian society & serve the international boundaries at large. In sync with the School's motto "Spreading Wings towards a perfect future "we intend to: * instil in our children benevolence & an enormous magnitude of philanthropy. * foster veneration for all cultures & religions with a special emphasis on gender sensitization. nurture warmth & fondness for mother nature. * honour dignity of all irrespective of caste, colour & creed. We man oeuvre to further: interaction amongst students of various countries to strengthen human ties through visits, conferences , seminars , video conferencing etc. the application of latest technological trends in teaching - learning strategies. nurture and refine their talent in arts, music and literature. imbibe the love for foreign languages and cultural vivacity. the knowledge gained regarding the languages, lifestyles and culture of countries like China, Russia Japan, France, Germany etc. the value of the feeling of brotherhood and unity amongst different members of the global community human relations in conducive ambience that fosters trust, confidence & self - esteem with a vision to allow all individuals to flourish equally. the admiration for the historic significance of all nations & infusion of reverence for the statesmen of all times, the relevance of their principles & ideals in the present day scenario.

Date & Day:Monday, 20-10-2014

Date & Day:Monday, 20-10-2014

An Intra class Quiz competition was organised by Ms Neha Sanan and Ms Mini Aggrawal at Maharaja Agrasen Model School where students of class 10 participated with great enthusiasm .There were 8 participating teams (A to G) with two There were three rounds- Knock out, Visual and final hurdle. Three participating teams reaching the final level competed against each other. Harshit Gupta and Deepanshi Gupta of class X-C bagged Ist position. The IInd position was won by Priyam Arora and Jitesh Chaudhary of class X-B .Yamini Negi and Twinkle Mulchandani of class X-D occupied the IIIrd position. This competition highlighted the significance of celebrating Indian festivals and an effort to recognise Indian festivals at global level. The activity was a part of International School award, British Council and the pictures and details of the event will be shared with students of some other countries through Blog and facebook pages.The students too participated with great enthusiasm making it a joyful experience than of a competing one. The winners were felicitated with achievement certificates and other participants were given participation certificates. It was a good learning experience for students as well as teachers.

An inspiring and innovative face painting competition was organized by Ms Neha Sanan and Ms. Mathur. Students from classes 9 and 10 participated in this competition. A team of two students completed this competition in one hour where students painted faces of fellow students of their teams depicting our national flag, symbols and pictures related to our country. This competition highlighted the creative skills of students. The students too participated with great enthusiasm and some of them brought many innovative ideas related to the theme, making it a joyful experience rather than a competing one. Ist position was won by Charika Kohli and Kanika Bindal of class IX-D, IInd position was bagged by Natasha Kothari and Vishi Aggrawal of class X-A while Nida Khaldy and Shivangi Bhatia of class X-B occupied the third position. The winners were felicitated with achievement certificates and other participants were given participation certificates.

As per the provisions of the Brirtish Council, Maharaja Agrasen Model school conducted an ISA activity for class 6 & 7 in the month of August 2014. The students task was to design a scrap file and display board on the Art & Culture of Japan. The students participated joyfully and worked in groups of 10 each. They put in a lot of efforts and presented very beautiful creative and wonderfully designed scrap file and display boards. The students and parents evaluation was also conducted and through this activity students gained knowledge experience and international exposure.

The activity - A PowerPoint Presentation was carried out by students of Class VIII on 20 August -2014 under the guidance of Ms. Shweta Yadav and Ms. Tanuja Sahu. The topic "Comparative Study of Culture of India and Japan" provided complete information on art, tradition, costumes, festivals, music and dance forms of Japan. Young students of the school showed their exuberance and excitement and actively participated in the activity. After the presentation, questionnaire forms were distributed among the students to know about their understanding . The activity was highly interesting and fun-filled and gave the budding Mamsians a chance to peep into the art and culture of Japan and learn beyond the textbooks.